Episode 11

Fake News: Resurrection & Doubt


May 4th, 2018

30 mins 50 secs

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About this Episode

Sunday, April 15, 2018 | Fake News: Finding Truth in What's Simply Unbelievable | John 20:24-29 (Doubting Thomas) | Rev. Michelle Matthews preaches a sermon about resurrection and doubt, entitled "Sensing Resurrection", and the band introduces our two songs of the series: "Begone Unbelief" (an ancient hymn that will serve as our prayer for illumination) and "God of Miracles".

Fake News: Finding Truth in What's Simply Unbelievable: The story of Jesus is Good News, but if we're honest, much of it feels like fake news. Many of the main stories and tenants of Christian faith are fantastical, supernatural, and implausible. Resurrection? Ascension? Pentecost? What am I to make of these events and notions I am told I must believe? This spring, come find ultimate truth in what's simply unbelievable.